Dinosaur Puzzle-Crafts

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Building your Pterodactyl Costume? Great! Please read the following and check out the digital models below to make sure you're building the perfect costume!

To make this head, you will need hot glue and tape (preferably packing tape)

1. Pop out all pieces from theirs frames (Be sure to keep the right and left wings in separate piles!)

2. Reinforce Wing joints and eyelets with tape. This will allow your costume to last the longest

3. Hot glue the 'sleeves' to wings 

4. Lay out the wings in number order and then ONCE YOU ARE SURE EVERYTHING IS IN THE PROPER ORDER attach the wing sections using the enclosed box rivets. Use the large box rivets for the two joints where the majority of wing panels overlap, and use the smaller box rivets for all other connections. There should be extras of each. They're aren't cheap, so hold onto them for other fun projects! For help in using the box rivets, go here. They're tricky to remove, so again, be absolutely sure everything is laid out properly. Hint: When connecting the bottom section of the 'sleeves' with box rivets, think of it like this.

The hand-hold, you'll want to glue into the last wing section, wherever it best fits your hand. Also, you may need to cut the 'sleeve' closest to your body to better fit your exact body type and proportions. 

If you are seriously struggling and need more help, you can email me at, or call me on the 'bat phone' at (484) 891-1057. I'm glad to help where I can! 

To build the head, first glue the rounded over edge of the beak underneath the furthest away beak panel. Make sure the shape looks like the beak below prior to gluing! Next, attach the numbered tabs to the corresponding slots. You should only need to glue a small section near the top of the head- All other areas should be sufficiently sturdy with just the tabs. 

Connect the crest (point bit), head, and beak. Attach the giant googly eyes. If necessary, cut more sight holes. Put on your wings, and hooray, you're a Pterodactyl! How awesome! Don't forget to practice flapping and make sure you get a good sense of how big your head and arms now are! Don't forget to post to facebook, twitter, and instagram @kit_rex! Happy Halloween!!!!

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