Free stuff!

Here you’ll find downloads of super mini dinosaurs that you can make at home! Just print out using a standard sheet of printer paper, grab your scissors and glue, and enjoy!


Open Project 1

2 thoughts on “Free stuff!”

  1. Hi, I’m from Lexington High School, and I’m one of the co-presidents of the Origami club, and a member of the robotics team, so naturally I’m super excited for your Kickstarter and pretty much everything that you’re doing! You’ve inspired us to pursue a wearable costume project of our own as an end of the year senior prank / hack, of having cardboard dinosaurs roam the halls for an afternoon. We hope this is alright with you.
    Stay awesome,

    1. Hi Chris,

      I feel honored that I’ve inspired you guys for a senior prank. Please, if you follow through with it, send a video of it my way, and if you want, I could feature it on my website. Thanks again!


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The Origami-inspired paper puzzle that turns into a 3D velociraptor!