Dinosaur Puzzle-Crafts

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What is a KitRex?

KitRex is a mess-free puzzle craft for kids of all ages. It is a flat-packed kit of paperboard pieces that you assemble to make a dinosaur.

It began as a homework assignment at Lehigh University that resulted in a 15ft long wearable velociraptor made out of cardboard.The giant dino was a hit, and everyone wanted one! So we created mini ones that anyone could build!


We launched a Kickstarter campaign, trying to raise $8,000 to see if people wanted googly-eyed dinosaurs...

... and they did!  To the tune of $110,000!

We've since created other dinosaurs, improving the design at every stage so that it's still a challenge, but really fun for kids of all ages. Check out our social media to see what we're up to now!



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